How do I work?

With brains & passion.

Wie ich arbeite

Setting goals

For my work, it is important to have a firm eye on the goal.

Before setting off, it is important to know where you want to arrive. All of my collaborations therefore start with a needs analysis. Before I offer a suitable training programme, we discuss the challenges you and your company face.

Developing solutions

Something you can rely on: individual solutions for unique companies

Based on the needs analysis, I develop an individual offer, which I am then more than happy to present and discuss with you in person. And I check individual measures in terms of their cost-effectiveness.

Tailored trainings that meet your requirements

A careful balance: many years of experience and in-depth knowledge

The focus of each training programme depends on the specific needs and individual circumstances of my clients. You stand to benefit from my years of experience and extensive expertise in training and consulting. The content of my training is always closely related to day-to-day practices in your company. A pleasant atmosphere fosters people’s willingness to learn and their willingness to accept change.


Staying on the ball together: every victory comes through preparation.

It has been shown that transfer days following the training itself are the best way to implement learning outcomes. This makes it possible to sustain change and establish new structures step by step. I would be pleased to organise and support the follow-up and evaluation phase of your projects.