Marion Jaberg

Who am I?

I am an employee development specialist and business consultant with passion and good sense

The personal development of others is close to my heart. It is something I promote with training and coaching programmes, and I support participants throughout their journey. I am particularly passionate about leadership, a subject I have pursued intensively in business consulting and staff development for almost 15 years. My work is founded on psychology studies in Germany and the USA, culminating in an American master’s degree. What makes me different? The benefit of my services must be clear that is why the close monitoring of all process steps, from conception and implementation to controlled operation, is a matter of course.

What do I offer?

My areas of focus: leadership and teams, communication, presentation and moderation

What counts is the end result: personal and organisational development must be geared towards the needs of your company. My training services combine leadership, communication and presentation  three essential areas for success in business today. What’s it about? Imparting knowledge, facilitating new insights, expanding the behavioural repertoire of participants and increasing awareness of learning outcomes over the long term  with high-quality training. I stand out for my in-depth knowledge and excellent social skills in addition to a strong commitment to my work.

How do I work?

My methodology: transparent, convincing, rich in content and practical

  • Every training and coaching session begins by questioning the goals: who should achieve what, by when, and in what quality?
  • A detailed needs analysis precedes the answers to these target questions.
  • A focus here is the cost-to-benefit ratio. The value of a training or coaching event should be measured by the result, i.e. the benefit for your company.