What do I offer?

Training topics

Leadership and teams

Content and topics:

Leadership begins with self-knowledge: DISC personality analysis:

  • What are your basic personality preferences?
  • How can you become more flexible?
  • What do these preferences mean for your leadership style?


  • How would you describe yourself as a leader?
  • What are your main weaknesses and strengths?
  • Which values do you put into practice?
  • What can your employees expect from you?
  • What do you expect from your employees?
"The only person you can lead is yourself." (Peter Drucker)

Leadership models, techniques and instruments:

  • Situational leadership
  • Managing with objectives
  • Effectively leading discussions between leaders and employees
  • Managing with personality
  • Intrinsic motivation factors
  • Performance and competence management

Team development:

"wearing the same t-shirts doesn’t make you a team."

Team building: transform a mixed group of individuals into a well-oiled machine. Show members of a virtual team how to achieve more effective collaboration.

"Be the change you want ..."

Change Management:

Is your company going through a period of significant change? If so, it is important to deal with the uncertainty this causes among employees and to replace their fear of change with a constructive process. Change means opportunity: by involving employees and allowing them to play an active part in developing structures, you can set the course for success. Understanding the change curve and stakeholder analysis gives you a valuable head start in the change process.

Communication and rhetoric

Content and topics:

Managers and employees spend more than three quarters of their working time communicating with others: team meetings, one-on-one discussions, contacting customers, by phone, by email or in an online chat communication is an essential part of our lives.

From the acquisition of new customers, recruitment and staff management to the internal performance review process, communication is the most important meta-skill of our time!

Communication training:

  • The basics of communication
  • The best way to conduct discussions with employees
  • The basics of professional communication
  • How to resolve conflict constructively

If you have any specific problems, I would be pleased to develop tailored training to suit you and your service providers!

Presentation and moderation

Content and topics:

Meeting after meetings – no free time in sight? Those who want to manage meetings effectively and to stay on target have to understand and master the tools that are needed. Possible training topics include:

  • Moderating groups and meetings
  • Effective presentation and articulation skills
  • Effective meetings

Presenting the services you provide effectively and conveying specialist content succinctly is something of an art.

My intensive video-based feedback will help you to develop a professional, individual and confident presentation style.